New Website Launched for Peggy Ann Bakery in Johnson City

A Fresh Look for a Tri-Cities Favorite

Johnson City’s sweet new business Peggy Ann Bakery had a soft opening on September 11, 2019 with the ITD Interactive-designed website launching on the same day.

Peggy Ann Bakery is a local family-owned business that has been open in Greeneville since 1982. The new Johnson City location joins the original in offering fresh-baked pastries, cakes, pies, cookies, as well as homemade donuts and locally-roasted coffee.

ITD Interactive built Peggy Ann Bakery a “preview” website when the business was first announced to help build anticipation for the bakery’s opening day. While the building was being renovated and prepared, we spent that time building the full website to be launched in conjunction with the store’s opening day.

The Peggy Ann Bakery site was built with mobile usability in mind given the bakery’s close proximity to ETSU means they’ll have lots of college-aged customers who do most of their browsing on smartphones. We also built them easy-to-use contact and employment application forms. ITD Interactive staff also took photos of the new and existing Peggy Ann locations and their products to be used on the site.

ITD Interactive is a local Johnson City business and we always like the opportunity to work with other local businesses! If you’re a new or existing business in Johnson City, Bristol, Kingsport, or beyond, get in touch with us today and let’s talk about what we can build together!

ITD Interactive Photos of Peggy Ann Bakery

Peggy Ann Bakery’s new Johnson City location announced with ITD Interactive website

Peggy Ann Bakery, a locally owned business in Greeneville, Tennessee since 1982, has partnered with ITD Interactive to develop their website and help build the brand for their new location in downtown Johnson City, Tennessee.

The owners of Peggy Ann Bakery decided to start with a “soft launch” for their website to offer general information about the new location. The full website will be launched closer to their opening date in Summer 2019.

In addition to general information about the business, ITD Interactive built forms for the site to allow visitors to ask the owners questions, sign up for opening updates, or apply for a job at the new bakery.

We look forward to this partnership with an exciting new local business! The finished site will be shared in the coming months.

If you’re thinking of starting a new local business or want to revamp the web presence of an existing one, get in touch with us! Our team has over 15 years of experience in Johnson City and the rest of the Tri-Cities and we understand our unique growing market.

Visit the Peggy Ann Bakery website

The mobile-friendly view of Peggy Ann Bakery’s website

Operation Support Shop Local – Shop Local J.C. Enters a New Phase

Shop Local in the Tri Cities

Click to visit the official Facebook page.

Some colleagues here in downtown Johnson City have built a great local network around the “Shop Local in J.C.” initiative. Their goal is to raise awareness among the residents of our region to do something really simple — “when possible, think local first”. While a simple concept – it can have astronomical impact on our local economy when everyone puts it into practice.

In an effort to take this campaign to the next level – the movement needs to move beyond just the social-sphere and onward to posters, stickers, window clings and other tangible marketing materials. Without a single source of funding behind this project, those involved have decided to put the message out there that they are raising funds to help defray the cost of the first run of these items. This is set up like a “kickstarter” type project with the hopes that through many small contributions, big things can come to fruition.  There is an initial estimate of roughly $3200 to get the first run of clings and posters printed and ready for distribution.

We encourage anyone that wants more information to visit the official Facebook page and get involved!  It’s a small price to pay to benefit not only your own business, but our regional economy as well.  Many thanks to Stable Convergence and other downtown businesses involved in this effort!

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