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The following list of “Johnson City Superlatives” was compiled in April 2013.  Data may not be accurate in the future . . .

The busiest intersection in Johnson City is at State of Franklin & West Market. Source

Johnson City Busiest Intersection

The lowest recorded temperature was -21 in 1985. Source The Weather Channel.

Johnson City’s Most Famous Musician is Kenny Chesney who has sold more than 27 million albums. Source Wikipedia.

The living Johnson City author who has sold the most books is Steven James.  He has sold over 500,000 copies of his Patrick Bowers thriller series. Source Steven James.

Author Steven James

The tallest building in Johnson City is the ETSU Mini Dome at 121 feet high. Source

The busiest stretch of road in Johnson City is Interstate 26 between Unaka/Watauga and Roan Street. Source Johnson City Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization.


The strongest recorded earthquake was a 4.7 magnitude on 11/30/1973. Source

The highest recorded temperature was 99 in 1988. Source The Weather Channel.

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The oldest cemetery in Johnson City is Oak Hill Cemetery – 1870. Source

Oldest Cemetery Johnson City Oak Hill

The Johnson City author who has sold the most books (all time) is Catherine Marshall, who authored the “Christy” series of books.  Over 16 million copies have been sold. Marshall was born in Johnson City and wrote part of her best-seller “Christy” while staying with relatives in Johnson City. Source Wikipedia.

Johnson City’s oldest independent restaurant is The Peerless, established in 1938.  Source The Peerless.

The oldest church in Johnson City and the state of Tennessee is Sinking Creek Baptist Church – founded in 1772.  Source Sinking Creek Baptist Church.

Sinking Creek Baptist Church

The library with the most books is Sherrod Library at ETSU with 477,469 books. Source Sherrod Library.

Sherrod Library - ETSU

The only player to win a Heisman Trophy after playing for a Johnson City team is Steve Spurrier. Source Wikipedia.

The longest stretch of straight road in Johnson City is Unaka Avenue with 2.37 miles. Source

Unaka Avenue Johnson City

The most expensive home on the market is at 191 Degrassee Lane.  The home is priced at $4,850,000.  Source Zillow.

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