Search Engine Optimization Consulting

We’ve all heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting. While some have a good grasp of what that is, to many it is a murky subject. To help sort through all the misinformation out there, you need a Search Engine Optimization Specialist that has your best interests at heart.

Search Engine Optimization Consulting: Give Your Business an Edge

The SEO world is in a state of constant change. Search engines often update their ranking formulas faster than most update their websites. If you want your customers to find you, your site simply must rank highly in the search engines for your targeted keywords. ITD Interactive offers comprehensive SEO services to make sure that happens.

It All Starts With Careful Research

Before we embark on any SEO project, we begin with careful research into your target audience. We study their behavior and try to find out what guides their decision making. We look to see what keywords and phrases they are typing into the search engines. Once we have all this information, we can start to optimize your page to be the one that comes up for your target audience. This process of optimization is an ongoing one.  Markets change; audiences change.The playing field is always changing. Search Engine Optimization Consulting is all about staying ahead of the curve so that our clients can focus on what they do best – building their business.

Content Generation and Site Updates

It’s a proven fact that the more you update the content of your website, the more likely Google and other search engines are to revisit your site and re-index your pages. This is crucial if you wish to perform well in the search engine listings. A big part of search engine optimization consulting is the creation and publishing of new content, both on-site and off-site. On-site content would include blog posts, articles or other business related site content. Off-site content would include social media posts, press release submissions, forum posts and other external outlets for information about your site and business.

Check and Re-Check

Every month we run a series of in-depth reports for our clients that include search engine rankings for targeted keywords, SEO health checks, inbound link reports and many others. We comb through this data carefully every month and look for trends and indicators, telling us which parts of your site need to be optimized. By staying on top of this data, your site has an infinitely greater chance of maintaining a high level of search engine performance.

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