Kingsport Web Design – Bays Mountain Park Case Study

“ITDi has gone above and beyond – and continues to do so – in making certain their product/our website is achieving the goals we collectively set for it. We love the ease of use, as well as the e-commerce options.” – Rob Cole, Operations Coordinator, Bays Mountain Park

Bays Mountain Park WebsiteBays Mountain Park came to us via referral to solve their Kingsport web design needs.  Most pressing among those needs were an updated design and a Content Management System (CMS) which made it easy for them to make updates.

Our design team put together a striking design including a new logo area which is based off of their angular entrance sign and exisiting logo.  The colors and graphics on the home page portrayed the earthy tones of this woodland park and the state-of-the-art planetarium which is a huge regional draw.  Bays Mountain is well-known for their wolf habitat, so we made prominent use of wolves in home page slider images as well as wolf footprints across the header.

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The site is set up on the WordPress CMS which allows multiple Bays Mountain Park staff to have separate back-end accounts and editing access.  Ken Childress, Park Manager, wanted to make sure that the site stayed up-to-date with fresh information, so it was imperative that the CMS was easy to use. (more…)

Golf Cart Battery Chargers – Site Launch

Diversified Power InternationalWe just launched a new site for Diversified Power International, specializing in Golf Cart Battery Chargers.  DPI is based in Piney Flats.  The project included an extensive eCommerce solution and professional photography of some of their top products.

DPI also manufactures a wide range of electrical products including solar panel systems, printed circuit boards, DC to DC converters, automotive & RV batter chargers, and motorcycle & ATV battery chargers.

Johnson City Rehabilitation Center – NHC Site Launch

We just launched a brand new site for a rehabilitation center in Johnson City. NHC Johnson City’s facilities include a nursing home and renovated rehab rooms.  A new state-of-the-art rehab gym will be completed on the property soon.  This project included coordination of a professional photography shoot and the site is mobile-responsive.  Check out the screen captures below to see how the site responds to different browser widths.

Desktop View – Full-Width

Left-aligned logo. Full Menu. Full image.

NHC Johnson City Site

Tablet View – Medium-Width

Logo centers. Menu centers and becomes dropdown. Images shrink.

NHC Johnson City Tablet View

Smartphone View – Minimum-Width.

Lead image does not appear, increasing download speed on handheld device and making the information more efficient.

NHC Johnson City Smartphone View

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