The Gravity Strategy DiagramWe live in a world of laws.  I’m speaking of scientific laws, specifically.  Think about it – everything that we know and believe in the scientific world is based on a relatively small set of laws that are irrefutable.  Scientists build everything they study around these well known laws and theories such as the laws of thermodynamics, gravity, behaviors of sound waves, light, etc.  For those of us NOT in the scientific community, we have discovered a lot of these laws independently.  For instance, the heavier the object, the more it hurts when it gets dropped on your foot!  This is based on Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation.  Loosely translated, this means that the more mass and object has, the more gravitational pull it can exert on something else.  Obviously it’s hard to notice this here on earth because we are standing on an object that has so much mass, everything is attracted to it.  Planets really have a LOT of pull!
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Recently, we started thinking about this in relation to how inbound marketing works and through conversations we’ve had with prospects and in seminars we’ve led, the feedback to this model has been amazing.  Inbound Marketing is based on certain laws of marketing that are outlined here:

  1. Every business has an audience out there comprised of potential customers.
  2. This audience of potential customers IS looking and researching the very products and services you sell.
  3. These potential customers will be attracted to somebody’s website or business, essentially the marketing version of gravity.
  4. The business that exhibits the most “mass” will attract the most visitors.
  5. The business that attracts the most visitors stands the greatest chance of converting more visitors into customers, increasing sales, and dominating their market.

These may seem fairly simplistic, but you have to understand that these mechanisms exist. They are already in place and should you choose to harness their power, you will be attracting visitors and generating leads with the best of them.  So how do we do this?

The Gravity Strategy

This discussion I mentioned, that we have been having with our prospects, has come to be called “The Gravity Strategy”.  Following the 5 statements we made above – there are customers out there looking, and they WILL be attracted to someone’s business through the gravitational forces of marketing.  If you want to make sure that they are attracted to your business first, you have to understand how to manipulate these gravitational forces and use them to drive more customers to your website.  The number 1 secret to manipulating gravity and growing your business is… “drum roll”… CONTENT.

Your Business = Your Planet

Remember when we said that planets have a lot of pull?  Let’s say you have 3 competitors in your market.  Think of these business as planets.  Including yours, that makes 4 planets in your market, all attracting potential customers.  If we follow Newton’s law – the planet with the most mass will attract the most customers.  The trick is increasing the mass of your planet so that yours will naturally attract more visitors.  Now, we’ll show you how to use content to increase the mass of your planet.

Content = Mass

We have established that consumers are searching for your products and services.  When they search, what comes up in the search results?  Ideally, blog posts, white papers, eBooks, reviews and other items mentioning YOUR brand are showing up.  These items are the content that adds mass to your planet.  Still with me?  You can effectively control the mass of your planet by producing these pieces.  Creating targeted blog posts, engaging customers in conversations through social channels, offering eBooks and other resources to download – all of this increases the mass of your planet and as a result, attracts more visitors.

Inbound Marketing Success

In the end, the business that produces and publishes the most relevant content WILL attract the most viewers.  Once you get the traffic, it is as simple as engaging those visitors through landing pages, downloadable offers and other marketing tactics to convert those viewers into prospects, leads and eventually customers.  All because you were wise enough to invest your time and energy into creating content.
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