As you know, growing organic search engine traffic takes time. Or does it?

We launched a new site for an Inbound Marketing client last month. Here is an 8-day snapshot of the client’s organic search traffic. Keep in mind this is not branded traffic based on the client’s name. This is a brand new site no-one had ever heard of.
Event Blogging

That’s 155 visits based on 58 keyword variations within a week of launching the site.

So how did we do it?

The client’s brother works at Google. We’re not kidding. He really does, but that had nothing to do with it.

0 to 155 in 8 Days

We did it by posting a single blog post about a local trade show. The trade show got a lot of local off-line publicity via traditional media. But they did absolutely nothing online. So we reaped the free rewards on all the trade show’s expensive outbound marketing.

When we talked with the client about what they had coming up back in January, they mentioned the trade show. When we searched we were delighted to find a single four-year-old post about the trade show and nothing else.

The alarms went off in our heads: FREE TRAFFIC! FREE TRAFFIC! FREE TRAFFIC!

The client, of course, was busy and we needed their help getting a little content. It wouldn’t take much. We finally talked them into it, got some good content up a week and a half before the 3-day event.

Pre-Event Blogging For Instant Traffic

We made sure to include basic information on the trade show. How much it cost, times, giveaways, etc. since that’s what people would be searching for. We also took a picture of the client’s trade show display and used it in the post, so viewers would recognize the client when they got to the show.

9 days out, we noticed Google hadn’t indexed the new page. This was a brand new site and Google’s spider initially crawls new sites at a slow rate. Once every few days or even weeks. So we used Google Webmaster Tools to request an index of the page. 7 days before the event, the page had been indexed and we saw traffic start to trickle in. The end result you see in the graph.

The traffic was looking so good, we went to the show and updated the post with several pictures. We also posted to social media and tagged some of the attendees on Facebook. Tagging is a great way to get images to show up in News Feeds.

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