Why We Love WordPress for Business Websites

Content Management System Pie Chart

Content Management System Distribution in the Top Million Sites. Data Source builtwith.com.

In the world of content management systems (CMS), there is one clear winner.  In fact, according to builtwith.com, WordPress is the CMS platform for over 63% of the top 1M sites surveyed.  Wordpress has distinct advantages for use as a CMS and because of these advantages, we use WordPress for business websites almost exclusively (unless a certain application requires something else).  Below we list three strategic advantages we have found for using WordPress for business websites. (more…)

How to Choose a Web Design Company – The Key is in the Proposal!

Reviewing Web Design ProposalsOne thing that overwhelms small business owners especially, is how to choose a web design company.  One thing that you need to look at really critically is the web design proposal!  If you have sent RFPs before and worked with a selection committee – then you probably know all of this already.

However, a lot of times businesses will just talk to one web design company – or they will do an informal bid process where they just want a second opinion from another firm.  When it comes to the bottom line and you have to make a choice, though, how do you know you are making the right choice?!

We write a lot of web design proposals and one of the things that we receive positive feedback on as a design firm, is that people like our proposals!  We wanted to write this post specifically for those wanting to know how to choose a web design company.  We think that the key is often in the proposal!  This approach involves reading the proposal twice – but each time for very different reasons.  Let’s get started shall we! (more…)

5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Business Websites

WordpressAt ITD Interactive, the main thing that makes us different from other web companies is that our single focus is helping our customers grow their businesses online.  Yes, we build websites, but having a great-looking website is NOT the goal.  Having a great-looking website is just expected.

The actual goal of any website design or redesign is to help your business sell more, do more, make your customers happier, etc.  Now – with that out of the way, we decided a long time ago to use WordPress almost exclusively for building our client’s websites.  Here are 5 reasons we choose to use WordPress for business websites and think that you should too! (more…)

5 of the Best WordPress Plugins We Can’t Live Without

PluginWe have a pretty short list of favorites that we feel are the best WordPress plugins around.  As a successful web marketing company, we have tested and tried just about everything that is out there and have based our list on items that we feel not only are fantastic plugins – but that offer the most value to our client’s websites.  When we call anything a favorite, it isn’t just because it is cool – it has to offer something really valuable to either make our job easier or make our client’s websites more effective.  With that said – here is our Top 5 List of our choices for Best WordPress Plugins! (more…)

Golf Cart Battery Chargers – Site Launch

Diversified Power InternationalWe just launched a new site for Diversified Power International, specializing in Golf Cart Battery Chargers.  DPI is based in Piney Flats.  The project included an extensive eCommerce solution and professional photography of some of their top products.

DPI also manufactures a wide range of electrical products including solar panel systems, printed circuit boards, DC to DC converters, automotive & RV batter chargers, and motorcycle & ATV battery chargers.

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