So How Much Are You Really Saving?

Unless you happen to really know HOW to build a website, chances are you will spend / lose far more going with the Website Tonight route than paying a pro to build your site.  The bottom line with anything in business is asking yourself if your time is truly best spent doing what you’re doing.  If you own a business that makes the best pizza in the world, then your times is going to be much better spent making and selling pizzas – not trying to learn to be a web designer and building your pizza-selling website!  We hire a Pro when we need to get the job done right the first time, and we don’t have the luxury of doing the project ourselves.  Time is money, and in business, wasting that time proves to be a very expensive mistake.

Why Are Websites So Expensive?

It’s a fair question, and it’s easy to be a grumpy spectator and gripe about being taken to the cleaners and things like that.  However, there is a very good reason websites cost what they do.  If you are a business owner with employees an expenses, then you’ll immediately understand.  A good website will have anywhere from 20-40 hours, or even hundreds of hours.   A well built website is a handmade thing – custom tailored to your business.  Every hand involved in the site from sales to production is an expense to the web developer.  When you look at it that way, it’s much easier to see where the cost comes from.

So How can ITD Interactive Help?

Are we plugging ourselves?  Absolutely.. Do we think Website Tonight is a bad idea?  Definitely!  It’s our blog after all!  ITD Interactive wants to help small businesses out!  We are well aware cost of most web sites and that small businesses often have a hard time spending that much cash.  Our answer to this problem is our selection of small business website packages.  We have taken typical small biz website projects and boiled them down to 3 packages we can sell for a relatively small up front fee, followed by a monthly fee that costs less than many company phone bills.  What’s more, is we build real value into that monthly service by handling some basic SEO, Copywriting and Content Maintenance services as well.  We want our customers to succeed!

If you’re in the market for a new website and this article gave you pause about a DIY solution, contact our website consultant today.  A consult and quote is always free.  At the very least, give us a shout before you go throw your credit card number down on a Website Tonight package!  You’ll be glad you did!

We’re Really Not Trying To Be Mean…

To be fair, there are plenty of great uses for a Website Tonight Turnkey Solution.  Perhaps you need a site to sell your old lawn-mower or to list the items in your next garage sale.  Maybe your kids softball team needs a website to post their game schedules.  Honestly, we would love it if our competitors saw fit to use Website Tonight for THEIR websites.  That would be fantastic!  There is a time and a place for everything – even DIY websites, but your business, your business’ future and success is NOT that time or the place. It deserves much more than that!

*Website Tonight is a registered trademark of Godaddy.  SiteBuilder is a registered trademark of Yahoo.  Wix, Homestead and any other services mentioned are registered business names and trademarks of their respective owners and ITD Interactive is in no way affiliated or representative of these companies in any way.  The opinions and statements expressed in this post are those of ITD Interactive and we stand behind them 100%