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Website Tonight - DIY Web Site Builder Pros, Cons

The Pros and Cons of Website Tonight / DIY Site Builders

Website Tonight – It’s just that easy!  Or is it?  Many companies, and especially small businesses, look to DIY (do it yourself) website builders in order to save money on their web marketing.  Go-Daddy’s Website Tonight, Yahoo’s SiteBuilder, Wix, Homestead and many other services offer free or low-cost alternatives to having a website professionally built.  As a society – we love the idea of DIY.  You can save thousands of dollars by painting your own house or designing your own backyard landscaping.  There is a big difference though between projects that only affect you and your family, and decisions that affect your whole business!  Let’s look at the hard facts surrounding Website Tonight and other DIY tools, and how they can affect your bottom line.

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