Finance 101 says that anything you pay and will never see again is a cost.  Anything that has the potential tool a profitable return is an investment.  It’s too bad that most people view a website as merely a “cost” when in fact, it is an investment that can yield big returns.  A well designed website is like a fantastic storefront or road sign, pointing customers right to your door.  Your website’s content tells the world all about what you make or do.  What many don’t consider, though, is that your website also speaks volumes about what KIND of business you are based on how it looks and performs!  First impressions are crucial, and if your website leaves a bad first impression, you’ll be lucky if you ever get the opportunity to gain that viewer as a customer again.

Lost Sales Tonight? Leery Customers Tonight?

You’ll never know the true cost of a lost sale.  Website Tonight and other services rarely do anything for your image, and often have a negative impact on your brand.  Let’s say that your company produces the best widget ever to come down the pike.  Let’s also say that based on research, you know for a fact that customers are out there looking for your widget.

Option 1: Spend a few dollars a month on a Website Tonight and substantially more on yellow pages and other traditional advertising outlets.  It could take months to launch your website.  Result:  Customers may or may not find you  They are most likely headed to your competitor instead of spending money with you!  Cost:  Low up-front cost, but immeasurable cost in terms of lost sales!

Option 2:  Spend more up front on a professionally designed website.  You’ll have a custom, professional website that builds value into your brand, up within a few weeks.  Market your new site through Search Engine Marketing.  Result:  Impress your audience and turn them into customers.  By actively marketing your site and product, you will tap into a market that already WANTS your product and lead them straight to your door.  Cost:  More upfront cost, but increased sales and revenue will far surpass your initial outlay of cash.