Website Maintenance ServicesITD Interactive offers a wide range of website maintenance services for companies of all sizes and budgets.  Our web maintenance services are arranged in a series of straight-forward packages that allow us to discount our hourly rates based on the number of hours in the block.  This provides great value to those who need a higher level of updates per month – and the flexibility of using a smaller block of hours allows companies with smaller website maintenance needs to save money as well.

What Do Our Website Maintenance Services Clients Get?

Typically, website maintenance services packages all consist of the same basic services – however, they differ in the number of hours blocked off for each month.  Typical services include:

  • Maintaining news and press releases on your site
  • Updating photographs on your website
  • Adding new content to your website
  • Monitoring your website for errors and typos.
  • Monitoring your website for up-time
  • and many other possible services…

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Do I really need Website Maintenance Services?

Different companies have many different reasons for requiring website maintenance services.  Beyond the items listed above, some companies need to keep license and certification up to date. Perhaps your staff directory is outdated and there are individuals on that page who no longer work there.  There are numerous reasons why you might find yourself needing to make changes to your website, but for whatever reason – you do not have anyone internally who is capable of doing this.

It is like having your own internal web department!

When you contract with ITD Interactive for website maintenance services, you are essentially creating your own web maintenance department, available to make changes as needed, when you need them.  In fact, with our easy-to-use request system, we can ensure that your changes are made quickly and accurately, with proper testing and follow-up afterward.

How much do Website Maintenance Services cost?

Simply click on the link below to access our pricing information.  You will receive an instant price list for our three packages, and all of the necessary contact information.  We would love to talk with you about your individual website maintenance needs, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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