WordpressAt ITD Interactive, the main thing that makes us different from other web companies is that our single focus is helping our customers grow their businesses online.  Yes, we build websites, but having a great-looking website is NOT the goal.  Having a great-looking website is just expected.

The actual goal of any website design or redesign is to help your business sell more, do more, make your customers happier, etc.  Now – with that out of the way, we decided a long time ago to use WordPress almost exclusively for building our client’s websites.  Here are 5 reasons we choose to use WordPress for business websites and think that you should too!

  1. WordPress is the undisputed Content Management System (CMS) champion. According to BuiltWith.com, 3 times as many sites are built with WordPress compared to the runner up.  5.1 million websites are built on WordPress with Number 2 coming in at 1.6 million.  That’s a huge gap.  Another staggering number is that 22 percent of new, active domains are using WordPress.
  2. WordPress is easy to use! If you don’t update your website regularly, it will sink in the search rankings like a brick in water. You don’t want that and neither do we! No HTML or coding knowledge necessary.  Give yourself a competitive advantage by using WordPress for your business website.
  3. WordPress is absolutely the best and most widely used blogging platform out there.  Wordpress was originally built as a blogging platform and still has blogging at its core.  If you have a business, you should be blogging.  If you want to learn more about why you should be blogging, we have another article here that covers that.
  4. WordPress has over 15,000 plugins available.  In August of 2011, WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg shared that there were 15,000 plugins available and that number continues to climb.  Whether you need to add a simple contact form or a plugin to integrate your website with MailChimp – there is probably a plugin for that.  A large plugin database saves us time which saves our customers money! Check out our list of the 5 Best WordPress Plugins.
  5. WordPress is VERY SEO-Friendly.  In addition to regularly updating your website, there are other SEO factors that need to be taken into account. WordPress makes it very easy to make sure your website is performing at it’s peak for maximum SEO performance.  From semantic URLs to automatic site map updates, WordPress does SEO better than any of the other options.

We love WordPress for business websites.  Not only do we use it for our clients, but we use it on our own website. It makes keeping our content fresh and updated easier than ever, which generates more traffic which allows us to sell more of our services!

Now, here is the cool part – We can help YOU have a better site, that gets more traffic, that helps you sell more services too!  If you’re interested in finding out how we can do that, click the button below to view our web site packages section and you can download our price sheet.

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