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In the world of content management systems (CMS), there is one clear winner.  In fact, according to, WordPress is the CMS platform for over 63% of the top 1M sites surveyed.  Wordpress has distinct advantages for use as a CMS and because of these advantages, we use WordPress for business websites almost exclusively (unless a certain application requires something else).  Below we list three strategic advantages we have found for using WordPress for business websites.

1. WordPress is Easy to Use

When we build a website for our clients, we have to eventually “hand over the keys” and allow the client to maintain the site.  Maintenance plans and other agreements aside, if a client can’t update or work with the content on their website, it is really of no use to them.  An outdated website will sink to the bottom of the search rankings like a brick!  We don’t want that and neither do you.  We make sure our customers have the best tools to get the job done and that is a key reason we stick with WordPress for business websites.  As an added bonus, Google really does love blogs.  Regularly updated content, rss feeds, the whole nine yards.  Having your website build in wordpress gives you an immediate opportunity for optimum SEO performance and search engine rankings.

2. WordPress is Flexible.

As an internet marketing company, your online brand and message are our main focus.  WordPress allows almost infinite flexibility to make your website look and function exactly how it needs too in order to meet the goals of your marketing strategy.  We don’t want to worry about ineffective tools and inflexible CMSs getting in the way of you reaching your goals, and WordPress allows us to do just that.  Once we work with a client to determine a proper strategy, WordPress ensures that nothing stands in the way of our implementation.

3. WordPress Saves Our Client’s Money

Who doesn’t want to save money right?  One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress for business websites is the extensive collection of plugins that are available from the WordPress developer community.  A plugin is simply a feature or function that another developer has already written and then made available for WordPress users to install on their site. For instance – if you need a custom contact form or image gallery on your website, you could either pay a programmer by the hour to develop this from scratch, or you could search the WordPress plugin database for one that has already been written.  As web developers, we always look to the plugin directory first and make sure someone hasn’t already developed a feature before we charge our clients to build it from scratch. That saves us time but more importantly, saves our client’s a lot of money!

Obviously there are numerous other reasons why we love wordpress – but these are the top 3 aspects of WordPress that allow us to build the best websites for our clients, and provide them in the most cost effective way possible.

We Use WordPress Every Day For Our Own Customers!

We wouldn’t recommend using something if we didn’t use it ourselves!  Our affordable website packages are all built on the WordPress CMS.  For more information, check them out below.

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