Wordpress-300x193In the new digital marketing universe, up-to-date content can be the difference between success and failure.  That means YOU need to be in control of your content.  And there is no better tool for that than WordPress.

We get the question a lot.  Can you convert my website to WordPress?  Yes, we can.

(The remainder of this post assumes that you already see the value in converting to WordPress.  If you are not convinced yet, see our post Why We Love WordPress For Business Websites and read these posts as well.)

Most small business websites can be easily switched from HTML, Joomla!, Drupal, Concrete5, etc. into the more user-friendly, search-engine friendly, and editable WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

We will work with you to determine what content to move over and if there are any minor updates that need to be made during the conversion process.

If you have flash elements on your website (moving graphics, swooshing logos, splash pages), those need to go.  But nearly all other design and content elements can be switched right over.

When we launch the newly converted WordPress version of your site, we will set up editor accounts for appropriate staff and train them via a GoToMeeting tutorial session.

If your website is 5-10 pages, you may qualify for our basic WordPress transfer package of $1,000.  Contact us and we can take a look at your project individually and confirm the conversion price.

The question then becomes, should I just get a whole new design?  We can help with that too and the cost may surprise you.  Click the button below to learn about our One Week Website pricing.

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