Testimonials PageWe recently posted a video and blog post titled How To Get Testimonials For A Website.  In it, we outlined some of the nuts and bolts of the entire process from before the prospect becomes a client through to the follow-up after the project is completed.

Yesterday, we received a testimonial via our Client Survey Questionnaire that made us quite proud.  So proud, in fact, that I am posting it below in its entirety.

I was also discussing using the same approach with one of our clients who are about to launch their new site.  They have a similar business structure to us and I know for a fact that their clients love them and gladly rave about them at every opportunity.  We got the go-ahead to implement the same type of form we use.

To sum up, we use a 10 question Client Survey after we launch a new project or reach a desired milestone.  Instead of saying, “Hey, would you mind giving us a testimonial?  Okay, go ahead, talk.”  We give them some questions to get them thinking about how we have helped them out.  We do this via a custom form on our website.  You’ll see the questions below and you can see the survey here.

The Virtues Of Client Survey Questions

Yesterday’s discussion got me thinking about the specific virtues of using a Client Survey Questionnaire on your website . . .

  1. Gets the client thinking about their own referral talking points.  The client forms statements about your service or business in their own words.  They will often use one of the answers when they refer you to somebody else.
  2. Gives you fresh material for the testimonials page.  It never hurts to have new stuff up on the testimonials page.  And, if the potential client looking at your website knows somebody on your testimonials list, they are more likely to use you.  The more names the better.
  3. Helps you understand the value you create better.  Some of the answers we help you get inside your client’s head and grasp how you’ve helped them in a new way.  You will be surprised at what you find in your client’s answers.
  4. It solidifies the project closure and cements the positive perspective they have about you.  Instead of there being a vague and open-ended trail off when you’ve done your job, you get a chance to affirm with the client that you have accomplished exactly what you discussed in your early meetings or proposal for work.
  5. A customized online questionnaire shows that you have made this a regular part of your workflow and regularly make your clients happy.  By using a customized questionnaire on your website, the client knows you have put effort into this step in the process and it creates the impression that you do this often.  You probably wouldn’t have created this form for just the one client.  The client rightly believes they are not the first to use the form to say great things about you.

A Couple More Tips

  1. We use Contact Form 7.  If you have a WordPress site, we highly recommend Contact Form 7.  It’s a breeze to install and easy to use.  We listed it in our Top 5 WordPress Plugins a while back.  If you want, you can even use our exact form.  Leave a comment below and we’ll copy the code and send it to you.  Of course, you’ll probably want to change the business name. 🙂
  2. Don’t Require All Fields.  When we send an email asking the client to fill this out, we specifically say “Don’t feel like you need to answer all the questions.”  Some of our clients fill them all out.  Some only a couple.  Your clients are busy and you should respect their time.

A Sample Survey

As I mentioned, we received some really fantastic answers in a questionnaire we received yesterday from our contact at Bays Mountain Park, a website (including two microsites) we recently launched.  Here it is in it’s entirety . . .

What problem were you facing that ITD Interactive solved? How to update and maximize the use of an online presence.

How much has your website (or our service) increased your profits or income? Just since ITDi began work we’ve been able to take advantage of e-commerce options such as membership sales and donations.

How much time or money has your website (or our service) saved you? 

Has your website or our service made your life easier? How? Most definitely!  Our new website allows us to make changes and updates ourself and can be done my multiple, approved staff as opposed to becoming “bogged” down while one website manager tried to make all the changes and/or updates.

What do you like about your new website? What do you like about the experience of working with ITD Interactive?  We love the ease of use, as well as, the e-commerce options.  ITDi has gone above and beyond – and continues to do so – in making certain their product/our website is achieving the goals we collectively set for it.

Were you pleasantly surprised by any part of your experience with ITD Interactive? Truly a pleasant experience with an open-minded and sincere staff, while at the same time being aggressive in researching and finding best options for website aesthetics, functionality and more.

What is the most important thing people should know about ITD Interactive? People should know ITDi presents and conducts themselves as part of a team and not an outside entity with a stiff “tried and true” method that just doesn’t work.  For us, ITDi feels more like a partner than simply a business client.

Would you recommend ITD Interactive to your friends, families or co-workers? Why?Absolutely!  As stated, the experience, the approach and the talent make ITDi a quality investment for those considering beginning or improving their online presence.

What part of your experience with ITD Interactive makes you want to do business with us again? Effort.  Simply put, ITDi never has lacked for effort.  You can create images, follow cookie-cutter website templates for design and layout, but you cannot replace the effort ITDi puts forth to match clients’ goals and dreams with reality.
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