New Design & One Hour Website (April Fools)

NOTE: This was an April Fools Hoax. If you are a prospective client evaluating our work, we wanted to make that very clear. 🙂


Many of you are familiar with our One Week Website initiative. It has been a huge success and we’re not done innovating, iterating, and reinvigorating!

E2F21F84-1A33-47C2-AAF7-686F882BA21DWe recently worked with the Silicon Valley hiring agency “NerdHunters” to land the top front end developer in the world. Bill Rambo is now on staff and the result is that we can put the One Week Website process into hyperdrive. More on that below.

The first thing Bill did when he walked into the building was to get ITD Interactive up-to-date from a design standpoint.


Then we looked at the One Week Website offering and found ways to cut the turnaround time down drastically.


Here’s what the new One Hour Website process looks like . . .

  • The client gives us design guidelines based on the Rorschach Test (otherwise known as the inkblot test). – 3 minutes.
  • Bill designs the first draft in Corel Draw by using a nokia 7650 and taking pictures of objects around the office. This drastically increases the speed of design by keeping us from looking for stupid stock images. – 11 minutes.
  • Bill develops the approved design in the MSDOS development environment and delivers test site for proofing. – 22 minutes.
  • ITDi runs the new site through a gamut of rigorous tests including having a chimpanzee jump up and down on the website which is loaded onto a Commodore 64. – 9 minutes.
  • ITDi launches the new site and registers it with the Alta Vista search engine. – 15 minutes.

Shazzam! Bam! It’s done!

Please let us know what think of the new website design and One Hour Website!

About the Author

Marcus Ledbetter has been in the Web Design and Internet Marketing field for over 15 years, and founded ITD Interactive in the spring of 2010 in partnership with ITdecisions of Johnson City, TN. Marcus specialized in inbound marketing and communication strategies to help clients grow their business by attracting and retaining more customers online.

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