Your Website Is Not About You

Your website is not about you!  Well… ok, maybe your website IS about you, but if that’s the case then you’re probably not selling anything or trying to use your website to gain new customers.  That aside, this is a tough statement, but one we feel we need to make.  We call this User Centered Design and it happens when your web design is in alignment with your customer’s wants and needs.

Does Your Website have an Identity Crisis?

Lots of websites have an identity crisis.  A visitor hits your page and he look at it for a few seconds and poof.  They are gone.  Why is this?  99% of the time visitors bounce away from your site because they can’t quickly identify what your website is all about and more importantly, why they should hang around and explore.

Who is Your Website Designed For?

We all feel very strongly about our businesses.  They are like children.  We nurture them along and try to help them grow and prosper, and we take pride in the success of our businesses.  Because of this – we often go overboard in our online marketing talking about topics WE as businesses owners think are interesting.  The problem is, our readers interests and our personal interests are often very different from one another.  If we fill our websites up with information WE think is important, we will end up alienating our customers when they visit our sites looking for information that THEY think is important.

Walk A Mile In Your Customer’s Shoes

We all know the saying – but when it comes to designing a webpage, this is a MUST.  Who is your customer?  Why do they buy the product your are selling?  Why would they choose your product over someone else’s product?  What factors lead up to their decision making?  These are all questions that should be addressed during the design of your site, so that when the customer visits your site – their needs are quickly and conveniently addressed.

Now your customer can move on to more important things like filling out that contact form, calling your number, or even ordering something directly off of your site!

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