web designIf your company is actively pursuing a website redesign, you will find a website redesign RFP template to be helpful.  We’re offering a free download below!

The template covers things like . . .

  • Scope of Services
  • Content Conversion
  • Important Dates
  • Overview
  • Submission Procedures
  • Labeling
  • References
  • Documentation Requirements
  • & More

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Have you given enough thought to the date by which you would like to see the project completed?  If you have been through the process before, you will know that web designers can take FOREVER to complete a redesign and launch.

Web designers are like home remodelers in many ways.  They start on your project, then go work on seventeen others they’ve also started and get back to yours when it is convenient.

You also know that your internal team needs real deadlines or this is going to be a very drawn-out process.

We’ve solved these problems with a process we call One Week Website.  We’ve done A LOT of website redesigns and we know how to make this work.  With all of the resources on hand, we can knock out a custom, professional redesign for your business in one week, GUARANTEED.

If we miss deadlines, you don’t pay as much.

You might also want to check out our Website Redesign Checklist.

We’ve been through hundreds of redesigns and we know what you need to know before you get started in the redesign process.  Great planning will result in a great product and will both keep you in the good graces of your boss (even if you are the boss) and improve your business.

A few of the steps outlined in detail in this free download include:

  • Analyze your analytics.
  • Content Inventory
  • Create Content Marketing Strategy
  • Develop a Launch Plan

Keep up with the project with this useful and detailed checklist from the redesign pros at ITD Interactive and One Week Website.

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