E-commerceIt’s time to get your small business website built (or rebuilt).  But what can you expect as far as website development pricing?

For a small business website of up to 30 or so pages, you can expect to see anywhere from a few hundred dollars (some teenager working from his bedroom) to tens of thousands (ad agencies in metro areas).  We’re glad to show you our pricing below, but first let’s consider some of the more intangible numbers.

When you get a firm number from a web designer, you’ll want to add these numbers to the bottom line.

The Headache Cost – $200 – $500

If you’ve been through the process before, you’ve probably had to take some ibuprofen ($5 right there) before the new site launched.  Headaches come because of the frustration that ensues when you waste time and mental energy.  Those are precious commodities that carry value.  If you try to save money by contracting with someone who is green you are going to run into issues, it’s just a given.

When you have to review your contract and send lots of emails to get the job done like you told them when you started, you could have spent that time building your business.  Big headache.  Partner with a web developer who has been through the process many times and plans ahead to skip the pitfalls and you can waive The Headache Cost.

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Content Development Time – $300

The time you spend brainstorming to come up with the content to go on your website is valuable.  What should go on your “About” page?  How about FAQs?  You can spend a lot of time just figuring out what pages should go on your site and what type of content should be on them, not to mention the actual writing of the content.

Two ways to knock that price down.

  1. Download our Website Content Kickstarter. This will show you what pages to use, suggestions for the types of content, and how many words should be on the pages (for search engines).
  2. Let the professional web team do the writing for you.  One of our packages includes our staff interviewing you and writing the text for you.

Delay In Launch Cost: $1,000

You’ve decided you need a new website because the new site will help you make more money.  (If not, you don’t need a new website.)

So every day that passes before your new site goes live is a day that you didn’t make the extra money your new site should be generating.

Are you with me so far?

As we’ve shown in the post How Long Does It Take To Make A Website? VERY FEW web designers are going to tell you how long the process is going to take.  It is normally in the range of not days, not weeks, but MONTHS and even, gulp, YEARS.  Yes, you won’t have to look hard to find horror stories on website development delays.

There are typically a couple of reasons.

The web designer is working on a lot of projects at once.  It’s like the handy man who comes to renovate your bathroom.  He starts  the project so you’re committed to him, then he goes and works on the project he started last week, then the one he started two weeks ago.  So all of these projects are behind schedule, but he has you by the wallet.

The other reason is that you have a lot going on.  You have a business to run and writing that content, pulling all of the decision-makers together to make decisions is just way down the priority list.

We’ve developed a process called One Week Website that alleviates those two major hangups and forges a true partnership to get the project completed on time.

You are, for all intents and purposes, our only client for the entire website development week.  And here’s the kicker.  We put our money where our mouth is.

If we miss deadlines, you pay less.

Now, we told you we’d give you our website development pricing.  Here you go . . .

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