We are pleased to introduce a new video we produced to go along with The Gravity Strategy eBook and blog posts. We are excited about this concept because it makes it super easy to explain Inbound Marketing and it’s benefits for your business. Enjoy!

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What People Are Saying

From a webinar to marketing professionals . . .

“I have heard a billion presentations on inbound. Yesterday, you guys kinda blew my mind. This is like the first time someone explained a long-tail keyword to me. #MindBlown” – Jason Diller, The DSM Group

“This presentation is out of this world! Love the universal principles.” – Mark O’keefe – HubSpot

“Love the concept of orbiters and gravity.” – Ken Stevens, Accelerated Marketing Partners

“This planet analogy is working really well! Very smart! This is awesome.” – Lamees Abourahma, Webbright Services

“Loved it! Shared it with 45 sites. Hope it creates some buzz for you.” – Dave Presher, Involution Digital

“Great job today on the call!! Love this!!” – Rebecca Graves, The Spot On Agency

From a 45-minute conference presentation . . .

“Found out how much I don’t know about social marketing but really want to learn! Thank you! Very entertaining!” – Diane Zepaltas

“You boosted my confidence in starting a blog.” – Meghan Brown

“I really enjoyed the session – very engaging, and I learned something new! I would love more info on how/where to get started blogging, and how to create a searchable website to increase referrals.” – April Rozza

“Your analogy of gravity & associated content is great.” – Elizabeth Oatz

“Nice balance of relating new information to practical/easy steps to get started.” – Sherry Robison

“Great info! Presentation was attention-grabbing because it was unique and not typical powerpoint.” – Amanda Ontinelli

“A great presentation, well-organized. The Gravity Strategy was explained in an easy to understand manner.” – Robin Sirochman

“Great presentation skills – clear & concise strategy overview.” – Lori Garvin

Video Transcript

A wise man once said “Gravity cannot be blamed for falling in love.”  That’s true.  But we would say that Gravity CAN be blamed for customers falling for your business.  In the next four minutes, we’ll explain how the marketing universe has changed and how you can use gravity to attract and keep enormous amounts of new customers.  We call it The Gravity Strategy.

In days gone by, power was in the hands of the marketer.  Picture your business as a planet in a wide galaxy which is your market.  Consumers were floating aimlessly through space with no good way to find you on their own.   So you blasted your signal out to the galaxy as widely as possible.  You placed interruption ads on the radio, TV, newspaper, billboards, direct mail, and phone book.  It worked.  Consumers listened.

But then two things happened which changed the course of marketing forever.  In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a free map of the universe.  It’s called Google.  Consumers suddenly had the ability to find anything they wanted when they wanted it.  And in two-thousand-six, Facebook and Twitter came on the scene, giving the consumer the ability to ask thousands of their friends for recommendations on anything.

The result is a huge shift which put power in the hands of the consumer.  With the map and social tools in hand, consumers have stopped paying attention to interruption ads.  They just don’t work like they used to.

Smart businesses have recognized the shift and they’re doing something about it.  They are using The Gravity Strategy to become findable and referable in the altered universe.

Remember what you learned in grade school–the larger the planet, the stronger the gravity.  By increasing the amount of content on your website, you are growing the size of your planet and increasing your attractiveness.  Regular blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, how tos, and product tips snowball the number of pages on your site in Google’s index.  You start pulling in a lot more potential customers from The Map of The Universe.  And it gets better.  The more content you put out, the more you are recognized as the expert in your galaxy and you get more and more referrals and social shares.

Now you can use very strategic gravity tools to bring those new visitors in for a landing on your planet as a customer.  There are four stages in this process.  Visitors see your site for the first time.  Some of them bounce back out into the galaxy.  But some like what they see and decide to check you out a little more.  They become orbiters by liking your Facebook page.   In one of your posts, they see an offer of a free ebook.  They give you their email address to get it.  They are now in your atmosphere.  They are a Lead.  With their permission, you send them a strategic set of automated emails leading them closer to buying your product or service.  In one of those emails, they see an opportunity for a free consultation and they sign up.  They are now a hot Prospect.  Your sales guy easily finishes the deal and you just landed a customer on your planet.

Now that customer can always run off to another planet and do business with them.  But The Gravity Strategy is not done working for you.  Your customer is subscribed to your emails and social feeds.  They are constantly learning how to use your product or service better, understanding your value, and grasping your expertise.  By increasing your gravity through your content, you hold that customer on your planet.  It is much harder to blast off and do business elsewhere.

These four minutes have given you just a taste of the new marketing universe.  You are just beginning.  It’s time to develop your very own customized Gravity Strategy.   Download our free eBook to learn about the roll of Calls To Action, Landing Pages, SEO, Inbound Marketing, and all components of The Gravity Strategy.  Today is the day to get started harnessing those marketing gravitons to grow your planet and rule your galaxy!

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