In our Small Business SEO Part 3, we dug a bit deeper into Keyword Research and how to make sure you are targeting keywords that will bring quality traffic as opposed to broad traffic that will bounce in and out of your website without stopping to say hello.

We mentioned in Part 1 about the ability to blog from your business website. In this post we will get into exactly why this is crucial and why you should be doing it.

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If you cannot blog with your current website, or if your current website needs major help –
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If you have never heard of blogging, it is simply a term that came from the term “web log”. These sites were created to allow the easy addition of content, to be read in a magazine / news like fashion. In the beginning, blogs were mostly opinion/editorial sites. Now, blogging has become absolutely central to any good SEO / Traffic Building strategy. Here’s why.

It is impossible to do enough “SEO magic” to your home page to make it perform well for every keyphrase you would like to rank for. You simply can’t. In the old days you could stuff all your keywords in the meta tags and get some hits – but the search engines have all gotten too smart. These days, you need an individual landing page for every major concept you want to rank well for in the search engines. With a blog-based site, such as one built within the wordpress framework, this is a piece of cake. Here is the strategy.

Let’s say you want to rank well for the term “Small Business SEO”. Write a blog post, or a series or blog posts around that theme. Make sure each page is optimized to perform well for that keyphrase. There are lots of page grader type tools that will let you know whether your page is well written or not, and many will offer suggestions as to how to make them better. When a potential client performs a search for that phrase, your blog post is very likely to come up in the top 10 listings. That is, if you performed your keyword research correctly and chose a good topic to write about!

Does this work? I will ask here what search query led you to this article? If it had anything to do with “Small Business SEO” then the proof is right there. We are passionate about helping small businesses get found online, and use their websites for more than just online brochures. We write blog posts and publish resources to help our clients do just that. Your finding this post was no accident. We wanted you to find it because we want you to make the most out of your business website.

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Your website shouldn’t be an online brochure. Your website should be sending customers to your door and leads to your inbox. In short, your website should be earning much more money for your business than you spent building it. If it isn’t, we can help you with that. We have designed our Website Packages and Local SEO packages to be extremely affordable and to provide results.

We hope you have enjoyed this 4 part series about “Small Business SEO” and look forward to hearing from you!