Marketing ROI - Marketing is an Investment, Not an Expense

Marketing ROI – Marketing is an Investment, Not an Expense

Calculating Your Marketing ROI

All too often, small business owners tend to think of marketing as an expense.  This is absolutely the wrong way to look at marketing, and we will lay out some reasons why.  First, expenses are things that are used up and consumed as part of doing business.  Expenses are drains on your budget that have to be balanced by income from other areas.  Expenses are something that we try to keep as small as possible.  All too often, small business owners view marketing in this way and resist it at every turn.  

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Marketing, in the traditional small business setting, is almost always on the back burner. It is the first thing you cut when times get lean, and oddly enough, it’s one of the first things you cut when business is booming!  Hey – times are good, why do we need to market ourselves?  This is one of the most dangerous practices where, through a false sense of security, business owners stop marketing.  Then when the well runs dry, they find themselves wishing they had a new stream of customers to draw from.

A key component to a successful marketing strategy is to first view marketing for what it really is – an investment!  Marketing, when executed successfully, bears much fruit.  Marketing will yield a return on your investment.  If you have a difficult time finding your Marketing ROI then you need to take a serious look at who you are marketing to and how your strategy is being implemented.  A good marketing strategy should have the three Rs.  It should  communicate the right message, to the right audience at the right time.  When all three R’s are working in your favor, your business will grow and your marketing will yield great returns.

How do you perceive marketing  in your overall business strategy?  Have you been keeping marketing at arm’s length?  Perhaps it’s time to realign your focus and view marketing as an investment in the future, rather than an optional expense and realize your business’s true potential.  Helping companies develop sound marketing strategies for the digital landscape is our specialty.  Click here for a free consultation to share with you how we can help YOUR company grow and prosper.

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