How Long Does It Take To Make A WebsiteIt takes ITD Interactive just one-week to design, build and launch your new website.  See below for information.  Here is data we found from other sources for comparison:

Type this search into Google.  “How long does it take to make (or create or build) a website?”

The results are from professional web designers trying to educate their prospective clients and they are all astonishingly similar.  Nobody can tell you.

Here is a smattering of the actual phrases pulled from those results:

  • “depends”
  • “3-4 months”
  • “20 hours IF
  • “8-12 weeks with good client cooperation
  • “as long as several months”
  • deadlines are not guaranteed
  • minimum of 3 months”
  • “6-10 weeks”
  • “3 or 4 weeks. But that rarely happens . . .
  • “over 90% of deadlines we give are more targets than actual dates”

And my personal favorite “It’s like asking how long is a piece of string?  That is impossible to answer.”

Well, it is possible to answer.  And the answer is 1 week.  No “if”s. No “depends”. No “minimums”. No disclaimers.  No “not guaranteed”.

A Professional, Custom Website In One Week, GUARANTEED

If you dig a little deeper into the results we quoted you’ll see some very common themes.  There are both client-side and designer-side delays.  More direct quotes . . .

  • “Not receiving the site content in a timely fashion”
  • “Not receiving prompt responses from the client”
  • “Some of us juggle several sites at one time”
  • “Overly optimistic deadlines based on the fact that everything is going to run smoothly and our communication, inspiration, development is perfect.”
  • “One small area of waiting can have a domino effect.”
  • “Content, Content, Content! Nine times out of ten, the party holding up the completion of the website is the client… not the designer.”

So these variables that make nearly all web designers never commit to a hard deadline are, for the most part, not actual design & development time.  They are either delays on content delivery and decisions from the client, or scheduling delays on the part of the web design firm.

On the web designer side, it’s like the home construction guy who comes to your house one day and starts a project and doesn’t finish it.  He started another project last week across town and he has to go back and work on that one.  He’ll come back and work on your house sometime in the next few weeks.

It’s the same way with web designers.  “Some of us juggle several sites at one time.”

One Week WebsiteWe’ve solved this problem by having adequate staff to devote our team exclusively to your project for an entire week.  For that week, it’s like you’re our only client.   You will not hear the excuse that we’re juggling several sites at once.

There are a lot of benefits to working with an actual web design company with an office and a team, instead of a guy working out of his spare bedroom.  We can pull off things like One Week Website that the sole proprietors cannot.

Of course the client-side delays do factor in heavily in the variability of web projects.  Most small businesses are run by busy folks.  They already have a full plate of work to do.  But the content has to be delivered and the

We’re going to ask you to make launching your website quickly as much of a priority for you as it is for us.  This is a partnership.

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Real Deadlines

One Week Website includes real deadlines with real incentives for both of us.  If we don’t meet our deadlines, you don’t pay us as much.  If you don’t meet yours, you pay us more.  Without these real deadlines, both of us will find more important things to do than finish this project promptly.  And the project stretches on, and on, and . . .

How long does it take to make a website?  One Week.

Ready to learn more about the process?  Click here.

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