We are proud to work with some great organizations in the TriCities which are doing good work in our communities.  Coalition For Kids (C4K) is at the top of that list.  About a month ago, Riki and Randy approached us about setting up the online hub for the innovative “Sponsor a Child” fundraising campaign.  The campaign push starts at 5 p.m. today.

The innovative idea is to attach fundraising to an individual child, such as Apple in the screenshot above.  $50 a month goes a long way to provide the mentorship, facilities, and materials needed to dramatically improve the lives of some great kids in Johnson City.

Our team built not only the mechanism linking the sponsorship campaigns on their website and Facebook page to PayPal, but also a database which lets the donor view a list of pictures, names, and descriptions to choose which child to sponsor.

Please take a moment this evening and consider sponsoring a child.