Web Usability: Why We Torpedoed A Client’s Pageviews

Web Usability: Why We Torpedoed A Client's Pageviews (Src: Wikimedia Commons)We actually tried (and succeeded!) to tank the pageviews for one of our client site’s most-viewed pages a couple of months ago.  We consider it a job well done.  We think we did the client a favor.  We’ll explain by showing you the actual numbers and why we torpedoed those pageviews below.

Call us geeks if you want, but we get a certain buzz by studying how people interact with web design.  We love studying web usability.  The term “analytics” may sound as exciting to some folks as a bowl full of unseasoned, taste-bud-drowsing white rice.  But, say that word around our office and fingers begin to twitch, eyebrows lift, eyes narrow, pulses rise.

We dig it.  We’re addicts.  (See our Google Analytics Quickstart Guide video post.)

So we were getting our buzz on back in the summer and noticed something that almost never happens in the small-business web world.  One of our sites had an interior page that was getting a lot more pageviews than the home page. (more…)

Promote Your Clients with Your Giveaways

Colin and Carly Johnson Keller Williams Johnson City TN

Colin and Carly Johnson of Keller Williams Realty with a free Cootie Brown’s Key Lime Pie! Colin’s rapid response to our monthly email newsletter tied with David Tomita, so they both got pies. See below.

We are always looking for ways to give out free stuff.  Everybody likes free stuff. It’s fun to give and it’s fun to get.

And if you can promote your own products or services with the free door prize, that’s all the better.

“We Can’t Give Away Our Stuff!”

But some businesses (like ours) struggle at times because the goods or services they offer are more valuable, less tangible, and more time-intensive than are feasible in most “door prize” situations.


Segment for High Open Rates on Email Campaigns

How do you get high open rates on email campaigns?  Obviously there are a lot of factors that go into it, but one of the real biggies is segmenting your contacts.  This post will show you how our email newsletter fared last Friday and how segmentation played a big role in the great results.

Let’s start with the numbers and then talk about why they’re important.  The chart below is from our HubSpot dashboard.  These are all the same newsletter (with minor personalizations described below) sent at the same time.

Email Campaign Overview from HubSpot


Engaging Web Design: A Case Study

Web Design vs. Engaging Web Design

generalmorganinn-dot-comWhat’s the difference you may ask?  With a focus on your target audience, a well designed and engaging web site will not only hold your visitors attention, but is much more likely to convert that visitor into a potential customer.  Below we outline how we greatly improved website performance for a customer of ours. (more…)