It’s a lot of pressure to come up with blogging ideas at a pace necessary to generate traffic.  We’re taking a moment here to throw out a few ideas to get your creative juices going.

5 Blogging Ideas to Increase Marketing ROI

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1. Tap Into What Makes You Unique?  

Build of your company’s USP.  When seeking targeted traffic, it’s crucial to tap into those juicy, detailed keyphrases that are ripe for the picking.  For instance, niche industrial companies should write about their specific niche.  Users are searching for information on those very topics, so give ’em what they want!  If you are an expert consultant – your subject matter should be pretty easy.  Web searches are unique, your content should be unique too!

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2. Answer Questions Your Customers Ask Most Often.

Your customer service records are a fantastic place to dip into for article ideas.  If you have certain questions that your customers ask more than others, blog about it.  If that many customers are asking, then you can be sure that many or more are searching for it!  if you don’t have a good backlog of customer questions, hit yahoo answers or some other question& answer sites.  Solving a potential customer’s problem is always a great way to start a relationship.

3. Write a Review or Offer Your Expertise.

Perhaps a new piece of hardware or software just hit the market that your customers have questions about.  Maybe a new tool or product related to your business was just launched.  This is your chance to offer your unique, expert opinion on the subject.  New products get a lot of search attention and the first ones to write quality blog posts about those items will see the lion’s share of the traffic.  Readers want expertise – posts that promise a review, breakdown or analysis of something get attention.

4. Develop A List.

People love lists.  Hey – you checked out this “5 Blogging Ideas” post right?  Top 10s, Top 5s, you get the idea.  Our society has become so fast-paced it can be hard to always know where to look.  When web searches return enticing top-whatever lists, readers are instantly drawn to lists because it is faster to get information this way  With lists, the writer has obviously done the research and organization already.

5. Announce a New Product or Service.

As a business, you need to toot your own horn as much as possible.  This is PR!  A blog is a great place to announce a new service, or case study.  If you solved a client’s problem in a unique way that might also be something your audience is searching for, wrap it all up in a blog post!  Readers can identify their needs in your solutions.

We hope these 5 blogging ideas help you get off the block and get the blog articles flowing.  There are all kinds of tools you can use to help kickstart your blogging!

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