One Week Website

We’ve all heard (or experienced) the nightmares of the endless website project. A project that should literally take a few days of actual work, turns into an 8-month trial of will and patience. We’ve felt the pain.  We know the reasons. We’ve developed the solution!

What Is a One Week Website?

A Professionally Designed, Custom Website in Just One Week!

Think of Extreme Home Makeover. With good planning all of the materials are in place and all hands are on deck to get the job done fast. We put “Website Week” on the calendar, make sure all content is ready, and for that week, you are our highest priority. Design. Proof. Adjust. Build. Test. Launch. Train. All in a matter of 5 business days.

This Is A Partnership

Both sides agree to meet deadlines (content submission and decision-making on your side, production on our side) and if not, fees are adjusted. If we can’t get the job done on time, you get discounted for every day past due.

We’ll work with you every step of the way. With decades of web development experience in our office, we have designed a system to help you gather and deliver the needed content on time. We’ll make your decisions clear and easy with a straight-forward sign-off process.

You Are Our Only Client

On Website Week, you are our only client, in terms of priority.  When you give us feedback, we are acting on it immediately.  You don’t have to move to the back of our production line.  By scheduling specific staff at specific times, you are, for all intents and purposes, our only client at that time. We do have staff available performing other tasks for other clients, but with good planning, we have the folks in place to knock out your website in one single week!  That’s one of the advantages of working with a web development team or professionals, not just a teenager in his Mom’s basement. In the same way, we expect Website Week to have the same priority for you.  You will have the appropriate decision-makers in place to act quickly and provide immediate feedback on our work.


What our clients are saying…

ITD Interactive did a tremendous job in creating our new website. The staff guided us thru all of the preliminary information that we needed to pull together for them. When the creation of the website began ITD Interactive provided great insight and we were guided thru all of the possibilities that were available to us and what they could accomplish for the website. Their process allowed for real time exchange of information and timely collaboration between all parties involved in the process. They quickly identified what decisions our team needed to make and they implemented the changes immediately. This was a very pleasant experience for our company and Itd interactive accomplished the creation of the new website in one week as promised. – Skip Burleson, Burleson Construction
Everything was well-handled and easy.  I’m insanely happy! – Jeremy Dockery – ES Dockery
It was great how ITD Interactive put the info all together in this short amount of time.  The ITDi guys are incredible! We were thinking how can they do this in one week? Well they came to our office with detailed information as well as structural pricing…no guessing or wondering! They serve our local businesses with great talent, which helped us to decide on our website. We are very pleased with ITDi and would highly recommend them!! – Mike Baker, Chappell’s Pest Control
I appreciated how quickly you translated what our needs were with a proof of the site. I also appreciated how well you took on the communication with Polymer to get the photographs and other assets. – Michael Moriarty, PIPCO Worldwide