One Week Website is built on a refined and proven process to make sure your site is built professionally, efficiently, and without a hitch.  Our team has decades of combined web design experience.  We know from experience how to make this as easy as possible for you with the highest possible satisfaction with the end product.

  1. Discovery – We explore your needs through conversations with key players on your team to learn about why you need a new site, functionality, design preferences, likes & dislikes.  You will fill out a New Site Questionnaire so we have a firm grasp on all of your needs.  We will match schedules with our team and yours to find a suitable Website Week, which gives you enough time to gather content and makes sure your decision-makers will be available for the designated week.
  2. Contract – Our contracts outline a clear understanding of your needs, the scope of work, milestones (with penalties), price, and terms.  We state the exact dates Website Week
  3. 2 Days Prior To Website Week – Content – We need all of your content up front before we start work on the design and build of your site.  All content is submitted digitally at least 2 days prior to the beginning of Website Week.  See our Content Kickstarter free download.
  4. one-week-website-ctaWebsite Week Day 1 (and possibly Day 2) – Design – Website Week begins! Our professional designers present to you a customized, flat design proofing via our secure client portal.  Your team either approves the design or asks for revisions.
  5. Website Week Day 3 – Build – Once you have approved the design, we take the flat design and turn it into a functioning website, install the content you provided, and present it to you for testing.
  6. Website Week Day 4 – Test – Both your team and ours test the site for all functionality including links, interactive components, contact forms, etc.
  7. Website Week Day 5 – Launch – The site goes live!  Your team (or ours, if we provide Inbound Marketing services) handles publicity through email campaigns, social media, launch parties, etc.  See our Website Launch Plan: 9 Ways To Build Buzz article for some great ideas.  We set up analytics tracking and notify search engines.
  8. Website Week Day 5 – Training – We train your staff on the use of the Content Management System so you can edit text and images yourself. (We do offer monthly maintenance plans which include our making edits for you.)