One Week WebsiteWhat happens if deadlines are not met?

Fees are adjusted.  This is a partnership.  There have to be real consequences for both sides if deadlines are not met.  Both parties (our team and yours) are dedicating valuable staff at very specific times for the completion of tasks.  Without real deadlines and penalties, the project stretches on and on and on.

What happens if we have to reschedule website week after the dates have been set?

There is a Rescheduling Fee of $500.  This applies to our side and yours!

If either side has to reschedule Website Week after the agreement is signed, there will be a $500 fee.  Content must be submitted by the Business a minimum of 2 business days before Website Week begins for content review.  If this deadline is not met, Website Week will be rescheduled and the associated fee will be incurred.

What happens if someone misses a deadline?

If either side misses a deadline for any reason, the contract price will be adjusted for each day past deadline.

What form does my content need to be in?

Our Team will work with you in the Discovery Phase to determine what content needs to be submitted down to specific pages, word counts, and images.  This content must be submitted electronically (so we can cut and paste without typos) no later than 2 business days prior to Website Week.  Scanned, hand-written notes or pages that require typing out will not be accepted.  Again, this is to make sure your content does not have any typos or errors in it!

Do we have to develop all content ourselves?

No.  Our Team can help you write the text, develop the contact forms, and get the images.  This will incur content development fees and must be part of the original agreement.

Does Website Week have to be a Monday to Friday?

No.  While that is normally the case, we are glad to work with your decision-makers’ schedules.  Wednesday – Tuesday is perfectly fine with us.  Saturdays and Sundays are not included in Website Week.

How do we make revision requests?

Our many years of experience have shown that the best and most efficient way for you to give us feedback is electronically.  We have custom-designed forms on our website for every step in the process.  Phone conversations may be appropriate for clarification, but only after electronic communication has been submitted on the subject.

Is a logo redesign included in my One Week Website?

Unfortunately, no. Logo redesigns require a completely different design process.  If you need a new logo, we can help.  We will just need to factor in enough time to accomplish that before website week begins.

If you claim you can build my website in one week, why does is it normally several weeks before “Website Week”?

There are two factors at play in the success of One Week Website. We need all of your content up-front, so we are ready to install it and there are no surprises during the build-out. We also have to make sure we have staff scheduled to knock your site out efficiently.  It doesn’t happen often, but if you signed a contract on Thursday, provided all of your content at that time, and we have the next week open, we can launch your website a week and a half from contract.

Do you provide hosting (email and website)?

Yes, we offer managed hosting services for your website and branded email accounts.  Your One Week Website consultant will go over the options during the discovery conversation.

Do you provide website maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Inbound Marketing services?

Yes, ITD Interactive provides a wide range of website maintenance services including making edits to your content for you if you wish.  We can also help push you to the top of search engines and turn your website into a lead generation engine through Inbound Marketing.  We are a Certified HubSpot Partner offering social media management, email marketing, SEO, and blogging services to handle all of your digital marketing needs.

Do you offer discounts for multiple sites?

Yes! If you have more than one site that needs to be built, we can discount your one-time fees.

Can you build ecommerce sites through the One Week Website process?

Possibly.  Some smaller ecomm sites can be incorporated through One Week Website.  If it is a larger site, we can customize an agreement to launch your site professionally and efficiently, though it may not be in One Week.

Do you design One Week Websites from a blank slate or use existing themes?

We build our One Week Websites on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).  One of the reasons we use WordPress is that it is open source and offers an incredibly robust set of themes, plugins, and mobile responsive website structures which we customize  to meet our client’s needs.  We have hand-selected a set of solid WordPress theme providers whose structures we have tested to make sure they work on all modern devices and browsers.  By not re-inventing the wheel in terms of design and functionality, we save you time and money.  Designing a new website from scratch, making it easily editable, and making sure it works on all devices and browsers is cost-prohibitive to 99 percent of small businesses.

Will you train our staff on how to make edits to the website after it launches?

Yes! We normally provide training through a recorded GoToMeeting screenshare with all appropriate staff members on your end.  This normally happens the day we launch the site.  After the training, we provide the recording to you for further reference.  Of course, we also offer maintenance services if you want us to make edits for you down the road.

Do you offer customized contact forms?

Yes, we can build customized contact forms to make sure you get the right information from your prospect to get the conversation started. Our forms can include check boxes, radio buttons, drop downs, and even conditional formatting so that if a prospect answers one question that would require clarification, a new set of questions appears.

If I need to use stock photography, can you help me find a provider and select images?

Yes! While we love it when our clients provide their own professional images of their products, facility, or staff, we can certainly help you out if we need to find stock images.  We normally use for stock photography.

Can I browse a portfolio of your work?

Yes! Check out our web design portfolio here.  While this gallery does not include just One Week Websites, the vast majority of the designs were developed using the same design process we will use for your site.

How much does it cost?

View One Week Website Pricing.

How do I get started?

Simply use the contact form here or call 423.282.0802.