Inbound Marketing Services – Using Your Website to Generate Leads and Increase Sales

While most web companies focus ONLY on building the website, we are actively working to make our client’s websites into lead-generating machines.

The Gravity Strategy

Wondering how Inbound Marketing works and why it matters for your business?  We developed a 4-minute video & eBook to help.



What People Are Saying About “The Gravity Strategy”

“I have heard a billion presentations on inbound. You guys kinda blew my mind. This is like the first time someone explained a long-tail keyword to me. #MindBlown” – Jason Diller, The DSM Group

“This presentation is out of this world! Love the universal principles.” – Mark O’keefe

“This planet analogy is working really well! Very smart! This is awesome.” – Lamees Abourahma, Webbright Services

“I think this may be the easiest-to-understand explanation of Inbound Marketing that I have ever seen, heard, or read.” – Jimmy Neil Smith, Founder of the International Storytelling Festival

“This blew my mind. It put into words what I’ve always thought about social media.” – Mike Wilson, TV News Personality

How does Inbound Marketing Help Me?

We empower our clients with the most innovative and successful tools and services that:

  1. Attract More Traffic To Your Website
  2. Get Your Customer’s Attention with Premium Content
  3. Generate Qualified Leads from Your Website
  4. Nurture Leads with Automated Marketing
  5. Help you Close More Sales

Inbound marketing is really nothing new – it’s actually a comprehensive marketing strategy that employs many digital marketing strategies you are already familiar with, such as SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.  If you would like to know more about inbound marketing, we have a Free Inbound Marketing eBook you can download.

Show Me The Money

With most marketing expenses, you write the check and “hope” that it nets you new business.  ROI is very difficult to analyze and report.  However, this is NOT the case with Inbound Marketing.  In fact, at any point during an Inbound Marketing campaign, we can look at real-time statistics and performance data, telling us what works, what doesn’t, and at the end of the day – a real Marketing ROI value.



So what exactly IS Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing Services

The Inbound Marketing Cycle

In the simplest form, Inbound Marketing is exactly the opposite Outbound Marketing.  For instance, the outbound marketer might spend $10k this month between billboards, yellow pages and radio ad spots.  By contrast, the inbound marketer might spend $2500 this month developing website content, optimizing pages and managing their social media presence.  What’s the difference in the end?

Outbound Marketer:  Person A spent $10k this month.  They have no record as to how many leads were generated by their investment and as a result, they have no idea what the return on that investment is.

Inbound Marketer:  Person B spent $2500 this month.  In contrast to Person A, they have actual stats of how many visitors searched for their content on Google.  They also know how many visited each page of their website.  In fact, they know exactly which of their visitors took the next step and became CUSTOMERS as a result of their marketing efforts, which means that Person B can calculate their ROI for their marketing expenditures.

It’s A New Day and Age

Look at the research.  Yellow Pages usage is dying. We all fast-forward through commercials.  We watch Netflix instead of network television.  We listen to commercial-free satellite radio.  Time after time, we can demonstrate how our society has tuned out the big advertisers.  Inbound Marketing is all about meeting your customer where they are by offering information when they want it.  This paradigm shift in marketing is driving sales at a much higher percentage than traditional marketing, and statistics prove that the cost per lead generated is less than HALF of the cost of traditional marketing.

We would love to talk with you about Inbound Marketing services and how we can help you generate leads and grow your business.  Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form on the right to get started.  There is never any charge for a first consultation.  All you have to lose is your unprofitable marketing spending habits!