Add Us On Feedly

Add Us On Feedly

Feedly-logoFeedly is an elegant RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader.  You can subscribe to blogs and news sites and see the latest articles all in one place without having to visit the sites individually.  It’s a great way to consume content efficiently.

Our Subscription Download File

You’ll really enjoy Feedly if you subscribe to several great feeds and get lots of super content.  We’ve created a subscription file for Feedly that includes some of our favorite marketing blogs (including our own).  Simply download this file, go to Feedly, click the “Import OPML” button, upload the file and you’re all set.

Our Link

If you already have Feedly up and running, just add our blog link www.itdinteractive.com/feed/

Get More Feeds

Make sure and use Feedly’s search function to subscribe to your favorite local news site, lifestyle blogs, sports team feeds, and more.  You’ll love it.

Why Use Feedly?

Read Content Consumption Lessons From A Naked, Dead Dignitary (there is no nudity in the post).